What settings can I change for my bookings and quotes?

Go to Booking policies to: 

  • Choose your cancellation policy and upload your rental agreement

  • Choose how and when you'd like to receive payments – all up front or the deposit then balance. Please note: We’re currently making changes to this feature, so you may find you can’t edit it at the moment.

  • Choose how many days a guest has to make a payment before a quote expires (the default is seven days)

  • Add your damage deposit

  • Set your check-in and check-out times

Go to Rates where you can update:

  • The minimum night stay at your property. Simply click Edit on your base or seasonal rates and select the desired minimum stay

  • The changeover day (the day guests can arrive at your property). Either set it to the day of the week that suits you or keep it flexible. Click Edit on your base or seasonal rates, select Require changeover day and choose an option

  • The currency your listing is advertised in. Please note that this should be a currency that you can receive payouts in on PayPal or in your bank account

Please note: any changes you make will only apply to future bookings, not to an existing booking where the guest has paid the booking deposit. This is because you’ve already agreed on the contract - it keeps things secure for both you and your guest.
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