How can I improve my position in the search results?

Some key factors that determine your listing’s position in the search results are:

  • Keeping a high Acceptance and Response rate
  • Having an updated calendar and accurate rates
  • Making sure that the photos on your listing are high quality

Here’s how to keep your listing up to date and improve your position in the search results:

  • Make sure your listing has rates for the next several months. Travelers prefer to know accurate prices.

The property below has rates set up.
User-added image
The property below doesn’t have accurate rates set up.
User-added image


  • Keep your prices competitive with similar properties.

The properties below are very similar, however the first one offers a more competitive rate.
User-added image
User-added image


  • Keep your Booking Rate high 

The property below is bookable online and offers Payment Protection for travelers who book on our platform.
User-added image

The property below does not offer online booking.
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Start improving your listing’s position in the search results by:

  • Accepting as many requests as possible
  • Responding quickly to all requests
  • Keeping your calendar updated. If you get booking requests for dates that aren’t available, you’ll have to reject them, lowering your acceptance rate.
  • Ask your guests to review your property. Travelers show a strong preference for listings with more reviews.

The property below is more likely to attract attention as it’s got 9 reviews.
User-added image
The property below might not be seen by travelers, especially if they filter listings by reviews.
User-added image

  • Have great, high quality photos - a variety of photos can help travelers imagine their stay at your property

The property below outlines one of its main features - a sunny balcony with a view.
User-added image
The main photo of the property below is of the same property above.  
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