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The property owner/manager wants to change my booking - what are my options?

The property owner wants to make changes to my booking:

If you or the property owner/manager wishes to make any changes after you’ve booked, they can send you a change request. The only changes they can request are:

  • The dates

  • Rental cost

  • Add a fee  (read more about this here)

  • Number of guests


You’ll receive a notification via email asking you to view their requested changes on Manage my booking, and accept or decline within 48 hours. You are under no obligation to accept the requested changes from the owner or property manager. If you take no action, your booking will remain unchanged.


If you’re concerned about the impact your response may have on your booking, you can contact the owner directly through Manage my booking and discuss the changes before accepting.


If the property owner or manager is unable to accommodate you, or has offered a different property:

If the property owner or manager has notified you of a problem preventing you from staying in the property you’ve booked, they may offer you alternative accommodation.

  •  If you wish to accept, the owner needs to cancel your booking and you’ll need to make a new booking online for the other property, or ask them to send you a quote.
  • If you don’t wish to book their alternative property, you’ll need to decline their offer and the owner or property manager may have to cancel your booking. You should not cancel the booking yourself in these circumstances or you may be charged according to the cancellation policy.

  • If your booking is cancelled and you need to find another holiday home, you can search here.



Please note: In cases of cancellation, the owner should initiate the cancellation on their side to make sure that you receive a full refund. If you cancel the booking yourself, the owner’s cancellation policy will apply. You can find a summary on Manage my booking.

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