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What are the different availability settings on my calendar page?

If you select Availability settings in the top right corner of your calendar page, you can set up different parameters to ensure a seamless booking experience for you and your guests.

How much notice do you need for last-minute bookings?
With this setting, you can select how much notice you need to get your rental ready for your guests.
For example, if you select At least 2 days, travellers can’t book a stay that starts less than 48 hours from now. They can still send an enquiry in case you’re willing to make an exception.

How much time do you need between bookings?

Here you can choose how much extra time you need to prepare before new guests arrive and block up to two nights before and after each booking.

For example, if you select block one night before and after each booking, your calendar will automatically mark these dates as “prep time”, shown in grey with a dotted outline.

Note: This setting also applies to synced events from your other calendars.

You can easily remove the prep time for a booking or synced event by making the date(s) available on your TripAdvisor calendar.

Don’t forget to select Save changes after making your selections.

How far in advance can travelers book a stay?
This setting allows you to choose how far in advance travellers can book your property.
For example, if you select 90 days into the future, travellers can’t book a stay that starts more than 90 days from now. They can still send an enquiry if they’re planning a trip beyond this date.

For property managers only:

Use our time-saving Bulk Edit feature to apply changes in your Availability Settings to multiple listings in one single action.

What’s next?
Now you've chosen your Availability settings, you need to:
  • Ensure your rates are up to date and cover the time that travelers can book your rental
  • Set up Calendar Sync with your other listing websites (e.g. Airbnb) or personal calendars (e.g. Google)
Please note: if your Availability settings prevent travellers making a booking, they can still send an enquiry in case you’re able to make an exception.
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