Where can I find check-in details and other arrival information for my stay?

You should find all the information you need for your trip by going to Manage your holiday booking. Enter your booking reference number (starts with BR, e.g. BR12345678) and email address to sign in. Here, you can view:

Booking details
The arrival and departure dates are displayed in the Booking details section, as well as a link to your booking contract and other property information.

Contact the owner
The property owner/manager’s contact details are shown in this section after you have fully paid for your booking. You can always contact them via the message box if you have any questions.
Any messages you’ve received from the owner/manager will also be displayed here.

Getting there: Property address and directions
The property address is displayed once you make a payment to secure your booking. Contact the owner for any specific directions in advance of your stay if none are provided.

Check-in & check-out
The check-in and check-out times are displayed here, together with other essential arrival details including key codes, WiFi password, meet and greet information. You will receive two pre-arrival emails containing this information 7 and 2 days before you check in.

What if there’s a problem accessing the property on arrival?
Although it’s very rare for something to go wrong, you can read more about what to do if you have any problems accessing the property here.

Arrival checklist – make sure that you’ve got the information below before you set off:
  • Property address
  • Owner/manager telephone number
  • Key collection information
  • Check-in/check-out times
  • Gas/Electricity/Water management at the property during your stay
  • House rules
  • Our contact information
  • Copy of our Payment Protection policy
  • page)Manage your holiday booking Copy of your booking contract (you can find this on the
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